10 Good Reasons Why You Need To Go Solar In Malaysia

10 good reasons to go solar in malaysia

If you are a citizen of Malaysia and still owns a landed property in Malaysia then this article is definitely for you.

1. Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Quota Is Available Now

SEDA has apparently found the perfect solution (at least for the time being) to encourage the general public to go solar by moving the disqualified / unused quota from the “non-individual” segment to the “individual” segment. The latest announcement has indicated that the first 500kWp of quota will be released on 28th August 2013 (Wednesday) followed by another 500kWp on 4th September 2013 (Wednesday) and 11th September 2013 (Wednesday) at 12 noon. Judging on the trends, individual quotas will be highly on demand and SEDA will progressively open up quota in a more frequent manner.

2. Solar Financing Options Are Finally Available Now

Alliance Bank announced the Home Complete Plus – Solar Panel Financing package back in June. Now Bank Muamalat is providing the first-ever Shariah-compliant solar PV financing package – Muamalat SMART Green Mortgage. According to SEDA, another 4 banks are in the process of discussion so this is definitely good news for those who wish to own a solar PV system.

3. Guaranteed Income for 21 Years

The SEDA Act 2011 and the Renewable Energy Act 2011 have been gazetted so your payment from SEDA / TNB is definitely legitimate. If you fail to receive payment you can bring this to court.

4. Solar PV Is Safe And Durable

All Solar PV components (PV module, inverter, cables) are TÜV SÜD /TÜV Rheinland and UL certified. PV modules are built using tempered glass so it will not break like most of the solar thermal collectors. Most of the PV module manufacturers are now giving 10-year workmanship warranty and 20-year  / 25-year performance warranty. Inverter manufacturers are also giving a basic 5-year workmanship warranty and such warranty can be further extended upon request. Performance wise, many studies have indicated that PV modules will still retain 90% of its original generation capacity even after more than 20 years of operation. In short, the PV system will actually outlast your metal decks and roof tiles, and maybe your house.

5. Fast & Short ROI

Configured and installed with everything optimized (both system performance and FiT rates), the ROI can be as short as 6 years and the 10-year IRR can be as high as 16%. Returns like this is comparable to financial instruments in the market for an average person without professional investing skills.

6. Protection Against Currency Market Fluctuation

Stock markets, mutual funds and other typical financial instruments are sensitive towards market volatility. Forget about currency fluctuation due to local / international economic / political scenario once your PV system is up and running. You will be paid according to the lock-in rates or higher for the next 21 years as the model is protected by law. Solar PV is as good as buying a normal insurance policy, if not better.

7. Protection Against Ever-increasing Electricity Price

With dwindling fossil fuel resources and accelerating climate change due to excessive fossil fuel consumption, the price of electricity is bound to rise from time to time. Imagine you have to pay a minimum of RM1.50/kWh 20 years down the road, you would be greatly delighted knowing that the system that you installed 20 years ago would provide you extra cash to spare cumulatively compared to those without a solar PV system. In fact, the PV system is so durable that many years later after the FiT policy has ended, you will still be able to directly offset your own consumption until your system is no longer functional. By having a PV system, you are buying yourself a future energy security.

8. Increase In Property Resale Value

Who doesn’t want to own an incoming generating house? Who doesn’t want to own a house that will offset its own energy consumption? It’s nothing fancy but just another simple supply VS demand scenario.

9. Contribute Towards Saving The Environment

Solar energy is clean energy. It is energy from the Sun. Nobody owns the sun so nobody can manipulate the Sun. Using solar PV is one of the most direct way to reduce carbon emission. You will be part of the movement that would do everything you can to give your future generation a better place to live.

10. Be An Example, Be The Leader

Enjoy the personal satisfaction of being the first in your neighbourhood to own a solar PV system, enjoying a new technology, earning and saving money at the same time while educating and leading the rest to do so, and most importantly help save the environment for your love ones.


So why wait further? Request a quote for FREE without any obligation. We want to save the environment, and we want to help you to enjoying the benefits of owning a solar PV system.

And here is the best part, if you recommend your friends and families to go solar with us, we will:

  • provide 5% rebate per successful application if you own a PV system from us
  • reward you with RM1,000 go solar cash incentive per successful application if you do not own a PV system from us

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