Affordable Desalination


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Even though Earth is covered by 70% of water but freshwater only accounts for less than 4% of the total water body. With the declining of freshwater due to lost of glaciers as a direct effect of global warming, the need for desalination becomes  more critical.

Desalination has been long thought to be an energy and cost inefficient application of freshwater extraction. However researchers from University of Texas at Austin and University of Marburg in Germany has created a “water chip” that would separate salt from seawater. This new method holds particular promise for the water-stressed areas in which about a third of the planet’s inhabitants live. Many of these regions have access to abundant seawater but not to the energy infrastructure or money necessary to desalt water using conventional technology.

While Malaysia is blessed with abundance freshwater resources, Malaysians often waste water unnecessarily. We will never know if one day the weather change could be extreme in such a way that we have to resolve to such technology to obtain freshwater.

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