Arctic Sea Ice Rebound? Wait Till You Read This…

Artic Sea Ice Comparison Between 2012 and 2013 Still remember this image from Daily Mail which was widely circulated in Facebook and other social networks claiming that there is a rebound of Arctic sea ice? Apparently this image conflicts with the present global warming theory and therefore confused a lot of people. And soon shouting, ridiculing, swearing and cursing popped out from everyone everywhere, defending and attacking the story. Being a truth seeking group, we were asked about the validity of the image. We know that the news was not reported properly as it contradicted with the previous IPCC findings. So finally while we were gathering facts and figures, it appeared that someone else took the liberty to sum up everything and present the truth. So here you are, real news about what is actually happening out there.

Arctic Sea Ice should be measured by volume, not by surface area. And since 1979 the Arctic ice has shrunk from 16,855 cubic kilometers to 3,261 cubic kilometers in 2012. 

Anyway the next IPCC press conference will be scheduled on this coming 27th of September at Stockholm, Sweden. So stay tuned for more updates. The following article was originally published at Global Warming Is Real. There have been many claims brought to my attention this week alleging the “final nail in the coffin” of anthropogenic global warming – the same nail that’s been fumbled around by deniers and the unfortunately misled for decades now. This time around it is the venerable and almost hilariously unreliable Daily Mail and it’s claims of Now it’s Global Cooling that has gotten so many hot under the collar. The tabloid claims that Arctic sea ice has rebounded by 60 percent, proving claims of diminishing arctic ice as false. What the Daily Mail is good at is frothing up emotions. What the Daily Mail is truly abysmal at is objective, fact-based reporting and explaining even the simplest of scientific details. Not that they’re interested in scientific details. “Regression to the mean” is a common statistical phenomenon that any extreme measurement – say a record-breaking seasonal Arctic ice minimum – is followed by a measurement closer to the average. Yes, in fact, the seasonal Arctic sea ice minimum for 2012 was approximately 1 million square miles greater (less ice cover) than for the 2013 seasonal minimum (which officially hasn’t even occurred yet). The 2012 minimum was a record-breaker in a decade of record-breakers. That the overall trend for Arctic sea ice extent, as well thickness (as indicated in the graphic below), remains in steep decline is of little interest to the Daily Mail. What they are interested in is misleading their readers, not reporting the facts. There is no sudden return of Arctic sea ice cap, nor has there been any “emergency meeting” of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) because of it – the Daily Mail made that up out of whole cloth. But alas, such publications will keep passing around that rusty nail, looking to pound it into the empty coffin of global warming. The rest of us face reality and look for solutions. If you can’t view the video click here. If you can’t view the video click here.

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