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Beijing To Fight Air Pollution By Making 40% Of All New Cars Hybrids

Beijing to Slash New Car Sales, Demand 40% of Cars be Hybrids (via Gas 2.0) China’s rapid commercial growth has led to almost inconceivable air pollution in its major cities. In the last month alone, high levels of pollution have

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EV Sharing Program in Yokohama, Japan

Choimobi Yokohama — Electric Carsharing Program For Yokohama Uses Ultracompact EVs From Toyota (via Clean Technica) A new partnership between Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the City of Yokohama — Choimobie Yokohama – is the newest addition to the Yokohama Mobility

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Who Is Most Responsible For Climate Change?

Which countries are responsible for climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions to date? In light of the release of the working group I (WGI) contribution for the IPCC fifth assessment for climate change, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s September 20th announcement

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