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First Mini-hydropower, Now It’s USB-hydropower

Offgrid Power From Running Water (via Clean Technica)  Originally published on Ecopreneurist.  There are plenty of plug-n-play options using renewable energy to provide offgrid power, but most of them rely on solar or thermoelectric energy, which may not always be the most appropriate

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Wow, A New World’s Largest Green Wall Record!

Still remember the previous Guinness World Record holder for vertical garden or green wall – the Seoul City Hall with a stunning record of over 16,300 square feet covered by more than 70,000 plants? Well, not long ago, this record

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New World Record For Solar Hydrogen Production Efficiency

Solar Hydrogen Production Efficiency World Record Broken — “Wormlike” Hematite Photoanode Crushes Old Record (via Clean Technica) A new world record has been set for solar hydrogen production efficiency — the new record-breaking efficiency of 5.3% blows past the previous

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