Climate Change: Is It Real?

Climatologist James Hansen is very concerned about the future of Earth, and like others he has a lot of solid evidence that put him on track to voice out his concerns. While carbon dioxide is not the most dangerous green house gas, its sheer volume of emission certainly generates substantial impact towards the global climate. A simpler analogy? 1 million ants can take down an elephant!

So what is the distribution of carbon dioxide emission around the globe? The image below based on 2009 data by The Guardian will give you a good glimpse of our current situation.
the-world-in-carbon-dioxide-emissions_502914167b9cbImage source: Visually

And this is the breakdown of carbon emission per capita for various countries released by UNEP in 2012.

evolution-of-co2-emissions_502916ec13937Image source: Visually

Scientists agree that the safety level of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration should be capped at 350ppm (parts per million). However we are still far from reaching the goal, in fact the situation is spiralling out of control as we speak. With the ever increasing natural disasters, climate change is real and we need to start acting on it. Across the globe there is a movement growing strong to mitigate the climate crisis. Many have switched to low carbon live styles. Have you?

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