Environment. Food. Us. (Part 1)

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Forget temporarily that the video by Chipotle Mexican Grill was about a game on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The core message from the video is pretty much troubling. When the ever-growing global population exceeds 7 billion, and global food productivity due to climate change ,dwindles to a point that a possible food crisis might be imminent within the next decadeGMO products begin to flood the market, and factory farming (with the questionable practices / operating protocols)  becomes increasingly common globally.

So how acute is the issue of food crisis? The report below (and many more) from The Centre for Low Carbon Futures will give you a good idea.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Can the current resources-depleting system support the ever-increasing human population, especially during the era of uncertainty in global climate change? Definitely not, for even now we are starting to feel the impact of our own doing in the form of environmental destruction and mutating diseases. Yet still we are far from solving our food security issue and the 2012 Hunger Map published by World Food Programme shows exactly the extent of such impact. You can get the interactive version of the map here.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

So remember this, when you are enjoying a nice meal, you are luckier than 85% of the entire human population.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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