Is IGEM 2013 A Major Disappointment?

IGEM 2013Forget about what the official media published in the news. This year’s International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) was a major disappointment.

Firstly, there was a major chaos in entering the exhibition area due to the fact that another event with higher security concerns (Global Entrepreneur Summit 2013) was also sharing the same venue. Armed with all the previous 3-year organizing experiences, the organizers still failed to sort this matter systematically before and during the event. If you do not want the trade visitors or the public to attend just say so.

Secondly, there was much lesser exhibitors compared to last year and the year before. Booth performance were generally poor as a number of booths were not manned. Product variation was almost non-existence and most of the products and services were targeting the industrial sector only. Also this year we did not see any eco-friendly paint, rainwater harvesting system, green roof  or other green construction materials suppliers and manufacturers exhibiting at all.

Tenaga Nasional (TNB)Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA)Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)Malaysian Solar Resources (MSR)Japan Exhibition Zone

In fact the event should be called MNC Corporate Day as major companies like Hitachi, Panasonic, Toyota and Honda were there only to have their routine marketing display without any new and fresh elements as the contents were almost the same every year. Toyota however did offer something new this year – the concept plug-in hybrid NS4 and Coms EV. The whole event was so boring that it seemed to us that the big companies were simply “forced” to take up big booth spaces just for the sake of showing the public that the event was supported by them.

Hitachi Panasonic & Honda Toyota Hybrid Concept Car NS4 and Coms EV (Far Right) Toyota Hybrid Concept Car NS4

Or you can call it the LED Exhibition Malaysia simply because majority of the exhibitors apart from the MNCs there were showcasing their LED  / LED related products. Can the event organizers and exhibitors be more boring than this?

Luckily despite the major let down, there were a few notable products worth mentioning. They were the flexible LEGO-like green wall, the water powered lamp, the solar air-conditioning system and the residential mini composting device. And most importantly, apart from the mini composting device, the rest are all Malaysian made.

 Flexible LEGO-like Vertical Green WallWater Powered LED Lamp    Residential Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning SystemCommercial and Industrial Solar Air Conditioning System (Adsorption & Absorption Chillers)Residential Mini Compost Devices From US (Left) and Korea (Right)

Anyway, let’s hope that there will be some major improvements next year and hopefully Malaysia could be truly the regional leading player in the ever-changing field of green technology and eco-friendly products.

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