Beijing To Fight Air Pollution By Making 40% Of All New Cars Hybrids

Beijing to Slash New Car Sales, Demand 40% of Cars be Hybrids (via Gas 2.0)

China’s rapid commercial growth has led to almost inconceivable air pollution in its major cities. In the last month alone, high levels of pollution have forced China to all but shut down the northeastern city of Harbin, a major city with a population…

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Crowdfunding For New Electric Three-Wheeler From Terra Motors

Crowdfunding For New Electric Three-Wheeler From Terra Motors (via Clean Technica)

Terra Motors is a fresh Japan-based corporation looking to electrify the tuk tuk / 3-wheeler market. It is building a distinctive innovative approach to quality tuk tuks that could transform the market. The company joins this with pure Japanese roots…

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Is IGEM 2013 A Major Disappointment?

IGEM 2013Forget about what the official media published in the news. This year’s International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) was a major disappointment.

Firstly, there was a major chaos in entering the exhibition area due to the fact that another event with higher security concerns (Global Entrepreneur Summit 2013) was also sharing the same venue. Armed with all the previous 3-year organizing experiences, the organizers still failed to sort this matter systematically before and during the event. If you do not want the trade visitors or the public to attend just say so. Read more ›

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