More Than Just Business

more than just business More Than Just Business:

“More than ever before, there is a global understanding that long-term social, economic, and environmental development would be impossible without healthy families, communities, and countries.” – Gro Harlem Brundtland

“Businesses can lead with their values and make money, too. You don’t have to simply be purely profit-driven. You can integrate social and environmental concerns into a business, be a caring business, be a generous business and still do very well financially.” – Jerry Greenfield

Eco Green Builder fully embraces the ideology and whenever we are engaged, we constantly find ways to induce positive spillover effects to maximize both tangible and intangible values for all involving stakeholders in creating a socially, economically and environmentally responsible society. Why do we do that? Because it is our passion to help the world as much as we could. What will the clients gain? A greater long-term positive social and environmental contribution. In short, a multiple-win situation for everyone. It is more than just business. It is about LOHAS and beyond!

“After all, sustainability means running the global environment – Earth Inc. – like a corporation: with depreciation, amortization and maintenance accounts. In other words, keeping the asset whole, rather than undermining your natural capital.” – Maurice Strong

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Eco Green Builder is committed to donate 5% of our annual net profit to local charitable organizations in need. Together we can make our world a better place to live.