Your Old Light Bulbs Are Hurting The Environment

This is a self-explanatory short post. Browse through the spidergram below and what do you see?

Comparison between inc-cfl-led2012-led2017

This is an environmental impact comparison between the conventional incandescent lamp (Inc), compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), current LED lights (LED-2012) and future LED lights (LED-2017). The larger the web, the higher the impact. While LED lights are producing minimal impact on many aspects, they are actually producing more hazardous waste once they reach their end of life cycle.
Comparison between cfl-led2012-led2017

Take out the incandescent lamp from the comparison and this is the spidergram you see. It appears that we still have a long way to go before we could truly deliver a near zero impact lighting system.


All the spidergrams are adapted from EERE Building Technology Office, US Department of Energy report. You can get the full report here:

Life-Cycle Assessent of Energy & Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting Products

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